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Jul 07, 2009 at 07:40 AM

Problems with Overridden Qualified Table Name



Environment: Crystal reports 11.5 SP2, Crystal 2008 - Database SQL Server 2005 using provider SQLOLEBD or SQLNCLI.

I develop reports for a ERP software and we had several issues in the past when the reports is reading is data from the "wrong" database - the one in the CATALOG, and not the one in use at the moment.

The workaround has been: for each report (and sub-report), Set Datasource Location, for each table in properties type the name of the table in front of Overridden Qualified Table Name - this will remove the Catalog and Owner information from the report.

However i had found 2 issues:

1. I have several reports where this process doesn't work (at least in sub-reports - some reports have 4 or 5 sub-reports - and in some cases this works with 3 sub-reports but not with the other 2...): after type the table name in Overridden Qualified Table Name i still got the Catalog and Owner info pointing to the original location...

2. Same issue when the sub-report uses a Stored Procedure, not a table;

Any ideas on Why and How to solve it???

BTW, since i have near 1000 reports to change... anyone ever tried to do this using .NET???


Carlos Crespo