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Jul 07, 2009 at 05:57 AM

Error when clicking on open button of UI element Network (JNet API)



I use the UI element Network (JNet API). It allows you to define a user interface. I use the predefined command "OPEN" in my user interface. But when running the application and pressing the open button in the user interface of the Network UI Element no file chooser appears. Instead there is this error message:

Resource '<native>' not found.

And this message is in the Java console:

network: Cache entry not found [url: http://w2kidm:50000/webdynpro/dispatcher/local/WelcomeApp/%3Cnative%3E, Version: null]

network: establishing connection of http://w2kidm:50000/webdynpro/dispatcher/local/WelcomeApp/%3Cnative%3E with Proxy=DIRECT

network: establishing connection of socket://w2kidm:50000 with Proxy=DIRECT

network: connection http://w2kidm:50000/webdynpro/dispatcher/local/WelcomeApp/%3Cnative%3E with Cookie "saplb_*=(J2EE6997820)6997850; JSESSIONID=JLcM5rS0r0APPJbt1zZHQAqhHywzcdivHgFax2oA_SAP"

Remark: The original error message is in German, I translated it to English.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks and best regards,