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Nov 15, 2016 at 07:13 PM

Billing plan and billing due list


Hi -

I have a problem with periodic billing plans with order related billing.

When I create the sales order, my billing due list and table VKDFS are correct. However, if i make a change to the billing date of a billing plan line item in change mode, the existing line item in VKDFS (billing due list table) does not get updated. Instead, a new line is added. So I end up with a line with the correct date and a line with the bad date. So when we run VF04, the line with the bad date gets picked up and it errors out when we try to bill it.

We have ran this in debug mode and it appears to be a problem with standard code. I looked at OSS and have not found any solution.

The line with the bad date gets cleared out of the table when I run the correction program RVV05IVB. However, I am trying to fix the root cause of the problem as I rather not have to run this program all the time.