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Jul 06, 2009 at 07:09 PM

Availability check after credit block release for a Sales Order.


Hi Gurus,

In my system, I was testing the configuration for availability check; everything's fine except for the following combination.

The configuration is in such a way that If the customer crosses the Credit limit, the Sales order is blocked as well as no stock is reserved(no schedule lines).

While creating the system checks the availability check perfectly like if for a material XYZ, the stock is 100 and the order qty is 200, so 100 can be shipped and next 100 can be shipped once procured or produced depending on the material.

1) While creating the order, the system gives 2 schedule lines

a) the first one on the current date for 100 in stock qty.

b) the second one for the remaining qty 100 after adding the replenishment lead time to the current date.

Which is perfect.

2) while saving the sales order, credit limit is exceeded; so as per the configuration system is not only blocking the sales order but also not reserving the stock under the order which mean no schedule lines which is perfect.

3) After credit block release, system should do the availability check again for 200 qty and determine the schedule lines as mentioned in step 1 but instead is behaving in a different way as follows.

a) the first schedule line has 0 qty confirmed

b) the second line has all 200 qty confirmed considering RLT.

Issue is in step 3, why system is not doing availability check as in step 1 after credit limit release. The stock quantity 100 is still available and not reserved or blocked for any other sales order.

Please advice, is this is system bug or there's still some config missing.