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Jul 06, 2009 at 10:27 AM

REG:ERROR:java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: jxl.format.CellFormat --NWDI


Hi All,

Currently I have developed a webapplication in a DC .

The NWDS version we are using is NWDS 7.0.14

NWDI version 7.0.18

In the applications we have functionality of downloading to a Excel sheet .Therefore we are using the jxl.jar to support the same.I have added these jars by creating a new DC and then creating the Public parts of the same . The application doesnot throw any exception during the build or deploy but when we run the application i am getting the following error.

ERROR:java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: jxl.format.CellFormat -

Loader Info -
ClassLoader name: [axis/portal_devdc_cusrep7309_1012] Parent loader name: [Frame ClassLoader] References: common:service:http;service:servlet_jsp service:ejb common:service:iiop;service:naming;service:p4;service:ts service:jmsconnector library:jsse library:servlet common:library:IAIKSecurity;library:activation;library:mail;library:tcsecssl library:ejb20 library:j2eeca library:jms library:opensql;;library:security.class;library:webservices_lib;service:adminadapter;service:basicadmin;;service:configuration;service:connector;service:dbpool;service:deploy;service:jmx;service:jmx_notification;service:keystore;service:security;service:userstore interface:resourcecontext_api interface:webservices interface:cross interface:ejbserialization service:webdynpro service:webservices service:tcsecwssecservice service:sld library:jnet library:tccmi library:tcgraphicsigs library:tcddicddicruntime library:core_lib library:sapxmltoolkit library:tcddicddicservices Resources: /usr/sap/EPD/JC00/j2ee/cluster/server0/apps/axis/portal_devdc_cusrep7309_1012/webdynpro/public/lib/app.jar Loading model: {parent,references,local} -

Request u'll to help me reslove this issues as we are stuck up with this issue and it is a critical task in our project now.

To bring to your notice the application which donot this jar file have properly got deployed and was also able to run them properly.

Waiting for a prompt reply.

Thanks in Advance

Thanks and Regards,

Nishita Salver