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Former Member
Jul 02, 2009 at 01:10 PM

Proration of WT in IT 0014 doesn't work in 1 scenario.



Please suggest for the following.

And I would appreciate if you PLEASE read carefully to understand the real issue.

An EE with Basic Salary-10000 (IT 0008) & Housing Allowance 1000 (IT 0014).

Factoring / Proration works absolutely alright in all the scenario except the following 1 scenario.

I transfer EE on 16th Janury. January has 23 working days. So in Payroll Log the amount becomes as follows before factoring (XVAL)-:

Basic Salary two records -: Basic Salary 10000

Basic Salary 10000

Housing Allowance 1record -: Housing Allowance 2000 (Amount gets doubled) (2 records in IT 14 for this WT each having 1000)

After Proration -:

Basic Salary -: Basic Salary = 4782.61

Basic Salary = 5217.39

Housing Allowance -: Housing Allowance = 1043.48 ( [2000 / 23 ] * 12 ) - 12 is working days from 16th to 31st.

I just want 1000 to appear as Housing Allowance as it was not changed when EE was transferred. Proration is fine with all scenarios. But I am a bit confused with this result. It happens with all Wage Types in IT 0014.

Now, without changing much configuration, I want Housing Allowance to be 1000 as it should be.

Please suggest the simplest way to do this.

Thanks & Regards