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Aug 29, 2018 at 02:36 PM

Rounding Off of total amount in Sales Quotation



We have a scenario where we have four line items (Material Codes) in a Sales Quotation where each is applicable for GST.

Basic amount of each line item along with GST is calculated in the Sales Quotation.

The total amount including GST comes with a fractional value (amount) which is to be rounded off.

Now we have used a Condition Type "DIFF" to round off the final amount using combination as 13, 16, 4 as suggested by SAP.

It has calculated the rounding off amount but it reduces/changes the values of each line item which is not required/expected.

We want that rounding off amount gets calculated and posted in a separate G/L Account but it should alter the value of any of the line item of the Sales Quotation.

Please guide.

Thanks and Best Regards

Mahavir Vashishth