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EWA: error message in CRM check for SAP Solution Manager system


In EWA report for SAP Solution Manager system I have seen error message: Many CSA* inbound queues in error status were detected in your system. As a result of this BDocs have not been delivered. And then table

Queue Name Status Date of first entry Entries

CSABUPA0000000070 READY 03.12.2007 45

CSABUPA0000000934 READY 07.05.2008 45

CSAIBASE0000000000 READY 23.11.2007 36

CSA_ORDER_8000000000 READY 22.11.2007 5

CSA_ORDER_8000000001 READY 22.11.2007 3

and others.

I looked transaction smq2. There are 11300 queues in it. Is it actual error or it is a normal situation? And that must I do, to remove an error?

Edited by: Mariya Kurbatova on Jul 2, 2009 6:27 AM

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2 Answers

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    Jul 02, 2009 at 05:59 AM

    your inbound queue is dated back to 2007 and 2008 so you should look into that and clean it up

    regarding your EWA "error", which ST-SER do you run? check #1329491


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    Jul 02, 2009 at 06:34 AM


    Usually problems with hanaging CSA* queues are caused because too many

    indiviaual queues are created for the qRFC resources to handle. You can

    limit the number of queues as described in note 763680.

    Note 763680 would be useful if all of your qRFC resourcesa are in use

    when you have a great number of queues. With a large number of dialog

    WPs on the system it would probably make sense to reduce the amount

    as described in the note.

    the casue when you have this problem would be to check SMQR -> GOTO ->

    qRFC resources. You can also see if most of your dailog WPs are in use

    in SM50.

    Also refer to note 758677.

    Please schedule report RSQIWKEX (Inbound) to run as described in the


    And since your title has mentioned that the EWA is on your CRM satellite system; this maybe a further good reference too

    When you replicate lots of data from CRM to R/3, there could be a qRFC

    resource problem. In this case, the numebr of queues created can be

    reduced by implementing the attached note 356228, particularly solution


    For CSA* queues is slightly different from the one decribed in note;

    this is because the CSA queues exchange data within the CRM system.

    The steps described should be followed, except that table SMOFQFIND

    must be used instead of CRMQNAMES. In this table, fields TR_SNAEMS and

    SEGM_FLD are equivalent to the CRMQNAMES fieds BAPISTRUCT and BAPIFLD

    respectively. It should be possible to follow the solution 2 in the

    note as long as you use SMOFQFIND instead of CRMQNAMES.

    Hope this helps



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    • Former Member

      Thanks for your answer.

      EWA error message creates for my SAP Solution Manager system, not for sattelite CRM system. As I understand, SCA* queue appears when support message sends to the SAP Solution Manager Service Desk. So, for each support message in my SAP Solution Manager exists queue type CSA_ORDER_8*. And all this queue state in transaction smq2 as ready.

      Exumple: for support message 8000010412 exists queue CSA_ORDER_8000010412 and its status is ready