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Jul 01, 2009 at 07:13 PM

XML Forms


Hello All,

I'm trying to follow the XML forms exercise as noted in the following How-to article.

I finished creating the form, but after I am done, I get stuck at the following step -

"Generate the project by clicking x. After generating the project you can use the forms in the portal. A command for creating news item appears in iViews with the flexible user interface". A picture showing the menu item - Folder -> New -> Forms -> myNews is shown. However, I only see the default forms that come out of the box like - Folder -> New -> Forms -> Frequently Asked Questions/SAP Demo News/Sponsored Link. I don't see my myNews there.

I also see the following fix noted as -

If you cannot see the command, check the settings for the form availability in the configuration (System Admin -> System Config -> KM -> Content Mgmt -> Form-based Publishing -> Forms Availability).

I add an entry in that Folder Settings in the above location. Looks something like this -

ID - App_Test_XMLFB

Priority - 9

Folder Path - /etc/xmlforms/** (that's where I found my newly created forms stored)

Forms to exclude - (blank)

Forms to Include - myNews

Even after adding this entry, I do not see any change. What could I be missing here?

Please help,


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