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Aug 28, 2018 at 01:49 PM

DTP loading to InfoCube taking SO MUCH TIME


Hello Experts,

I know this is a recurrent question here, but I think that my problem has more specific reasons.

All loads to InfoCubes, not matter the size, no matter how many records, no matter if it from a DSO or a PSA or an InfoSet... ALWAYS take a lot of time, but I'm meaning A LOT OF TIME!

I saw in some forums, people angry because their DTP load to an InfoCube is taking 30 minutes to load around 15 millions of records. Man, I can't do this kind of load because it will take a entire life!

As I've said before, I've problem with ALL my InfoCube loads. Loads from InfoPackages or DTP load to an DSO is acceptable. Not that fast, but not that slow. Is fine for me.

If I've around 100 records, it'll take around 1 hour. If I've around 1 million, it'll take more than 18 hours.

I've already check my backgrounds, the package size, the parallel jobs and the star schema of the InfoCube, but no matter what I do, my InfoCube loads ALWAYS take a lot of time. Delta loads, full loads... very, very, very slow.

Maybe there's some parameter or configuration in SAP that I've to do, but I don't have any idea about it.

There is another thing that can I do?