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Jul 01, 2009 at 05:11 PM

Error when accessing Portal desktop


Hi All,

I've created a custom portal desktop which is working fine in our Dev system.

I exported the content, theme, desktop etc fine last week into our QA box but now I have an issue. When I use a user without the Super_Admin role, I get the following message (I have changed the actual desktop name below - its NOT the default desktop I am having prolems with...) -

"Error occurred while trying to access desktop: "portal_content/". The object does not exist or you are not authorized to access it. If this problem persists, contact your system administrator."

Now, I have been through the SDN forums and looked for this issue. I've looked at notes 869690 and 856865 as well as many of the threads on this but nothing has resolved the issue.

I have gone into the PCD and set all of the directories that are relevant to allow the Everyone group READ access. The users that I am testing are members of that group and have roles that should allow them to see the desktop fine - they work within Dev without issue and all permissions seem the same.

To recap, I've checked permissions in the PCD, the Main Rules are ok, the desktop exists and has the correct permissions and I have a rule assigned to the users and groups. My Dev desktop works but my QA one doesn't.

Does anyone else have experience of this issue? or perhaps even an answer?