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Aug 28, 2018 at 08:56 AM

How to generate SID for 0FISCYEAR for multiple Fiscal Variant combinations


Hello Everybody,

I am facing an issue mainly because the SIDs are not present in /BI0/SFISCYEAR table for the year 2019 for all fiscal variants.

The main issue is with input ready query which generates possible combinations for given value input filters(In our case Year 2019 or above). The same query works fine if the year input is till 2018. If input is 2019 or above the query fails to generate new combination of records.

We increased the planning period in the tcode 'RSRHIERARCHYVIRT' till 2019 after this maintenance almost all the planning reports are giving dump 'Uncaught exception' in Program 'CL_RSPLS_HDB_SWITCH===========CP' when executed.

I suppose that this issue is caused as there are no SIDs for Fiscal year table for year 2019. Can anyone suggest away to update SIDs so that this issue can be solved.

Thanks in Advance