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Aug 28, 2018 at 08:17 AM

Custom Domain and SAP Cloud Platform Identity


Hi there,

This Guide Page 378 assumes that it is possible to create a custom Domain with the SAP Cloud Identity Service.

This Guide points to the default Custom Domain Help Entry:

Sadly this does not work, here is my Result:

$ add-custom-domain -h -u S000... -p password -a a2.... --ssl-host .... --custom-domain .... --application-url

SAP Cloud Platform Console Client

Map a custom domain to an application URL.
  host  :
  subaccount  : a2....
  ssl-host  : ...
custom-domain : ...
SDK version : 2.142.8
user : S000....

(!) ERROR: Cannot find application info by URL prefix [agigjuelz]!
If you need help, provide the output of the command and attach the log directory [/Users/dan/Arbeit/Software/SAP/neo-javaee6/tools/log]

the log does not show something useful:

2018-08-28 10:04:46,590 ERROR [main] Backend error: Cannot find application info by URL prefix [ag....]!

Is this the right way to create a custom domain for the Cloud Identity Service? Has anybody done this before?