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Jul 01, 2009 at 09:57 AM

Contract number is not being picked during MRP run



I have a contract with vendor as V1.

This contract is MRP revelant with source list maintained with MRP revelant.

Source list maintained with vendor V1, contract and with fixed indicator and with MRP relevant indicator set.

Step 1

Now I am executing MRP, system is creating PR with contract vendor V1 as source of supply is V1 in source list.

This step is OK.

Step 2

After this I am maintaining sub contracting vendor V2 in contract.

Again I am executing MRP run, system is creating PR, but the PR is not picking the contract details.

I am expecting this PR, which supposed to be created in this Step 2 should have vendor V2 as source of supply.

Am I correct?

Note: Source list is still having vendor as V1, same contract number, with fixed indicator and MRP relevent option set.

Any input if process is OK or if some thing wrong is apprecited,