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How to get the Expand parameters from Master to Detail page?

Hello All,

I face an issue with one of the Master-Detail app developed using the oData services.

Master view list items are binded with "/Products" with Expand to navigation properties "toSupplier,toContent".

Now, using the router mechanism I have passed the path of the selected product via Parameter to detail view. Read the path in the detail view controller and bound the Object Header with this path to display the same details. I have few tabs under the Object header displaying Supplier and Content Details. Under these tabs while I refer to the relevant fields as "{toSupplier/SupplierID}" or "{toConent/ContentID}" is not displaying any data.

As per my understanding, I noticed the oData available in the Master View, but the same is not available in Detail view.

Can you please suggest on how to get the data binding with expand parameters available to detial view?



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2 Answers

  • Nov 15, 2016 at 03:55 PM

    code please

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    Former Member
    Nov 15, 2016 at 10:59 PM

    Hello Jun Wu,

    Here is the code snippet

    Master View :-

    <List id="slist" items="{ path: '/shopping_cartSet', parameters: { expand: 'ToVendor,sc_to_tech_specs,sc_to_contents' } }" >

    <StandardListItem title="{Zpname}" description="{Zcategory}" type="Active" press="onPress"></StandardListItem>


    Master Controller:-

    onPress: function (oEvent){

    var oSource = oEvent.getSource(); var oContext = oSource.getBindingContext().getPath();

    var oRouter = sap.ui.core.UIComponent.getRouterFor(this); var oModel = this.getView().getModel();

    oRouter.navTo( "object", {Path : oContext.substring(1)}); }

    Detail View:-

    <IconTabBar id="TabBar">


    <IconTabFilter text="Tech.Specs" id="Tech">

    <l:VerticalLayout> <Label text="Model"/> <Text text="{sc_to_tech_specs/Zmodel}"/> <Label text="Make"/> <Text text="{sc_to_tech_specs/Zmake}"/> </l:VerticalLayout>


    <IconTabFilter text="Contents"> <l:VerticalLayout> <Label text="Model"/> <Text text="{sc_to_contents/Zmodel}"/> <Label text="Make"/> <Text text="{sc_to_contents/Zmake}"/> </l:VerticalLayout>



    Detail Controller:-

    _onObjectMatched: function(oEvent){

    var oPath = oEvent.getParameters().arguments.Path; var oContext = oEvent.getSource().oBindingContexts; var oBject = this.getView().byId("OBH"); var oTab = this.getView().byId("Tech"); oBject.bindContext("/" + oPath); oTab.bindContext("/" + oPath); }


    { "pattern": "Objects/{Path}", "name": "object", "target": ["master", "object"] }


    "object": { "viewName": "Detail", "viewId": "detail", "viewLevel": 2 },

    Hope these snippets provide you a good information.



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