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Jul 01, 2009 at 06:58 AM

External Service Procurement : Queries


I have three queries regarding external Service Procurement

1) IN SERVICES Purchase order , Over delivery Tolerance and unlimited TOLERANCE can be defined at two places ,

A) in Service tab aginst each service


What is the use of defining at two places and how system works , if I define 0% Overdelivery in Services but checked "Unlimited" in Delivery tab , how system will behave ?

2) If I make OverDelivery tolerance in PO Line detail->delivery Tab as ZERO , UNLIMITED automatically gets changed to YES (Flaged) ... Why it is so ? I may have cases where I dont want any Overdeliver Tolerances ?

3) In SPRO -> MM-> EXTERNAL SERVICES Mgmt -> Define Screen layout ..

we can define our screen layouts for following combinations ( as per SAP Help)

1) Object (e.g. purchase order)

2) Document type (e.g. NB)

3) Transaction code (e.g. SAP transaction ME21N)

4) Release indicator (in the standard system: B)

You can define your own field selection strings for the specified release indicator. The field selection string must be identical with the relevant release indicator.

5) Item category (e.g. D for external service or B for blanket purchase order) e.g. ME21N, "Create purchase order".

What is the priority of searching relevant Screen layout ,

like If i have defined one field (Say service number) , mandatory at Object level , Display at Document level and optional at Tocode level ... Will system show me as Display/mandatory or optional ?

Pls do reply ...