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Jul 01, 2009 at 05:38 AM

Consignment Process scenerio



I have a scenario where company blue is manufacturing fertilizer. And company Black is the parent company which does the selling on behalf of Blue and distribution as well. Current scenario is that Company blue is suppose to send goods to company's black storage locations which are maybe 153 different locations around the country. And as company black consumes and sells we the blue company bill them.

So this is a consignment process but i'm unsure as to how to cater the scenario. Should Company Black be the sold to party and the storage locations the ship to party? how does the goods go to there storage location in terms of customer special stock does MM have to do a STO?

Or I have to make those 153 storage loctions as a customers in my system ,.

I would be thanful to yu gurus if some one can kindly help me out

Kind Regads,