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Aug 27, 2018 at 06:45 AM

What are the options to place pseudo comments for code inspector findings?


As mentioned in another ATC-related question, I'm currently fine-tuning our ATC/SCI setup. One of the tasks I still need to do is to put together a "how-to" document in our development guidelines and one of the topics will be around pseudo-comments to suppress ATC/SCI-findings.

I'm already seeing lots of pseudo-comments in our current code but there doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern of where/how they are placed in relation to the statement they relate to. Looking at the SAP-Help for this, there is just one example where the pseudo comment is placed in the line where the statement starts:

SELECT d~object, h~dokldate, h~dokltime   "#EC CI_BUFFJOIN 
  FROM dokil AS d                         "Buffering is done 
       INNER JOIN dokhl AS h              "by application 
         ON h~id         = d~id     AND   "with Shared Objects 
            h~object     = d~object AND 
            h~typ        = d~typ    AND 
            h~langu      = d~langu  AND 
            h~dokversion = d~version 
  WHERE d~id     = 'SD'     AND 
        d~typ    = 'E'      AND 
        d~langu = @langu AND 
        d~object LIKE 'AB%' 

But, in our own code, I have many examples where it's added after the statement:

SELECT * FROM zpdm_pmp  INTO TABLE t_zpdm_pmp
 WHERE aennr = aenr-aennr .      
                   "#EC CI_ALL_FIELDS_NEEDED (confirmed full access)

As I see this statement listed in the recent ATC-check findings, I take it that this pseudo-comment is not recognized to belong to the select-statement preceeding it.

Is this correct and would it always need to be specified like this instead?

  INTO TABLE t_zpdm_pmp       "(confirmed full access)
 WHERE aennr = aenr-aennr .  

A quick check in a sandbox system seems to confirm my hunch but I'd like to have some corroboration that this is actually the case. Placed like this, and re-running the check with "exempt findings with pseudo code" only shows it when explicitely selected and with the proper tool tip:

I'd also like to know if there already are some more examples online to where I could point our developers in case they need them. I tried finding them but wasn't really lucky with my search.

Our central ATC-system is on the latest release NW 7.52 and the satellite system is on NW 7.50/EHP 8.

Thanks much and cheers



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