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Aug 27, 2018 at 05:51 AM

Anybody else seeing "Has Pragma" in ATC-results for findings actually exempted via baseline?

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As my question in the related blog comments may go unnoticed, I'm repeating it here (hope that's okay).

I’m currently fine-tuning ATC-checks after defining the baseline and am therefore taking a fairly close look at the results for unresolved and exempted findings. The way these get displayed is a bit confusing because the icon shown for the exempted fndings shows “Has Pragma” as its text whereas there actually is no “pragma” or pseudo-comment for the specific finding:

Actual code without any pragma/pseudo-comment:

The finding is however included in the baseline defined via the central ATC system. Shouldn’t the icon therefore indicate this with “In Baseline” (or something similar) in the text instead of the misleading “Has Pragma”?

I already tried finding an OSS-Note for this but wasn’t lucky and before I open a message, I’d like to know if others see a misleading icon as well or not.

Our central ATC-system is on the latest release NW 7.52 and the satellite system is on NW 7.50/EHP 8.

Thanks & Cheers