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Aug 25, 2018 at 05:11 PM

Short Sales with Single Position Management in Treasury & Risk Management


We recently configured system to accept short sales in securities. We have two product types one is on "Single Position Management" (FIFO) and the other is without "Single Position Management".

System works perfectly with later product type (without "Single Position Management") and recording short sales. But system shows an error "TRQ0005" for earlier product type (with "Single Position Management"). If we change "Consumption Sequence" to manual instead of FIFO. System shows another error "TRQ0012".

We raised an OSS message, SAP replied system does not support short sales with single position management. It would be great help if anyone suggest any workaround/solution.

Message no. TRQ0005 - Error in automatic assignment to lots: Negative quantity after Sale on 24.08.2018.

Message no. TRQ0012 - 5.000000 Units are to be assigned but only 0.000000 Units exist