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Jun 30, 2009 at 02:58 PM




I'm trying to create inspection plan using BAPI_INSPECTIONPLAN_CREATE. I'm passing the following parameters for the tables in BAPI.

Profile = 0000001


I. change_no

II. task_measure_unit

III. lot_size_to

IV. plant

V. description

VI. task_list_status

VII. lot_size_from

VIII. valid_from

IX. planning_work_center

X. task_list_usage


I. material

II. change_no

III. plant

IV. valid_from


I. change_no

II. activity

III. control_key

IV. plant

V. operation_measure_unit

VI. denominator

VII. nominator

VIII. base_quantity

IX. description

X. valid_from

XI. work_cntr

XII. insp_point_complt_flow_variant

XIII. operation_id


I. activity

II. operation_id

III. change_no

IV. inspchar

V. pmstr_char

VI. pmethod

VII. smpl_unit

VIII. smpl_quant

IX. cha_master_import_modus

X. characteristic_name

XI. sampling_procedure_ind

XII. scope_ind

XIII. confirmation_category

XIV. change_documents_req

XV. print_ind

XVI. docu_requ

XVII. valid_from

XVIII. mstr_char

XIX. method

XX. char_descr

for quantitative char, i'm sending the below additional information

I. quantitative_ind

II. meas_value_confirm_ind

III. dec_places

IV. meas_unit

V. target_val

VI. up_tol_lmt

VII. lw_tol_lmt

VIII. smpl_procedure

IX. smpl_unit

X. smpl_quant

XI. target_val_check_ind

XII. up_tol_lmt_ind

XIII. lw_tol_lmt_ind

for qualitative char, i'm sending the below additional information

I. attribute_required_ind

II. sel_set1

III. psel_set1

IV. smpl_procedure

V. smpl_unit

Vi. smpl_quant

But I'm still getting the follwing errors.

BAPI 001

CP 458 You cannot enter an activity type for standard value Mach. Dep

CPCL 203 Consistency check not successful when creating operation

CQCL 008 Inspection characteristic cannot be uniquely assigned to one operation

CQCL 026 Data import mode N does not apply to a master inspection characteristic

Please help me... Let me know if i have to give any additional information

thanks in advance


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