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Former Member
Jun 30, 2009 at 02:40 PM

Compiler is not recognizing MDM jar classes


hi Experts,

I am trying to cretae a java wrapper on top of MDM using Java API's. I created a simple java program and i was able to access the MDM repository. But when I created a Java DC I am getting the build errors in the same code.

the steps I followed.

1) added all the five jars in the java build path.

2) cretaed a classpath variable which points to the location of the jar files in (window->preferences->java->classpathvariables)

3) wrote a program which uses the classes mentiond in the jar files (without compilation errors)

Now I build the program and build gets failed.

The errors shown are

package does not exist

package does not exist

i.e whatever packages I have used in the programs are not recognized by the java compiler.

Best Regards