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Former Member
Jun 30, 2009 at 01:52 PM

kMin-kMax planning in APO



Please help me understand SNP capabilities to achieve Lean planning objectives.

One of the lean planning methodology is to use min-max inventory levels. Min can be a safety stock number and max is to be calculated based on sales history lead times etc etc. I think APO does not have any automatic Max calculation methods (apart from the advanced safety stock calculation). but we may calculate this using macros so no big deal.

Main issue is with the planning. So lets take this business scenario : Planning should be able to create planned orders once the stock level hits Min value (which is our safety stock) and the inventory should be bumped to the Max value (some calculation based on history etc etc) and this cycle should continue lets say weekly.

Please help me understand how we can achieve this either using Heuristics or CTM and what configuration helps drive this scenario.