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Jun 30, 2009 at 11:05 AM

Maintaining TCURR using RFTBFF00


Hello Experts,

I want to insert exchange rates in table TCURR using report RFTBFF00.

For a test I have maintained following translation ratios:

Rate type From To Valid from Ratio (from) Ratio (to)

EURM MMK EUR 01.01.1999 100 1

After executing RFTBFF00 using a file with the following structure:

01MMK EUR EURM 28062009 0.085750 100 1

In table TCURR, the following line is entered:

Rate type Valid from Indirect Quot. Ratio (from) From Ratio (to) To

EURM 01.01.1999 8,57500 1 MMK 1 EUR

Why has the rate automatically divided by 100, ratios 1:1 the value 8.57500 is inserted.

Is it not possible to insert the rate without being converted with the assigned ratios in the file?

Thanks for help.

Best regards,