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Aug 29, 2018 at 08:09 AM

Italy sequential numbering legal requirement - Multiple Company codes


Hello experts,

In Italy, as per legal requirements the Invoices and credit memos have to be reported with a sequential numbering that has to start at the beginning of the calendar year. This means that document number ranges need to be linked to the calendar year, even if the entity follows a non-calendar fiscal year. Furthermore, the official document number (ODN) assigned to such documents has to be consecutive without gaps – the documents should be sequentially numbered by entry date. SAP uses the concept of document classes, using them with document types and number ranges to meet this functionality.

HOWEVER, my customer has a scenario where they are using 3 company codes under the same Legal Entity. Which means these numbers must be sequential between the 3 companies in order to fulfill the legal requirement.

Has anyone seen a similar scenario for Italy? How was it resolved?