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Former Member
Jun 30, 2009 at 04:54 AM

Problem with file content conversion


Hi experts,

I have a fixed length file which has data like this:

A01 AA8I0NBVDA 20090704 84900

A01 AA8I0NBVDA 20090711 76400

In XI I want the data to be like below. That is no root element and just one element <line>..</line>

<line>A01 AA8I0NBVDA 20090704 84900</line>

<line>A01 AA8I0NBVDA 20090711 76400</line>

How do I get this data in XI using file content conversion?

I tried the following settings

Document Name Receive_Schedules_Notification

Document namespace http://Gopal-POC

Recordset Name <no value>

Recordset namespace <no value>

Recordset structure schedules,1

Recordset sequence Ascending

Recordsets per message 1

Key field Name <no value>

Key Field Type String

ignoreRecordsetName true

schedules.endSeparator 'nl'

schedules.fieldNames line

schedules.fieldSeparator 'nl'

But this generates the message like this:


<line>A01 AA8I0NBVDA 20090704 84900</line>

<line>A01 AA8I0NBVDA 20090711 76400</line>


But I do not want <schedules> element to be created.

How can I do this? Please help!

Thanks & Regards