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Jun 30, 2009 at 02:54 AM

please advise on the BPM scenario



this is our requirement. existence of email id coming in the idoc needs to be cheked for duplicate in db1 and db2 based on which databases are updated /error email trigerred

1. Receive step IDOC in BPM

2. Transformation step between IDOC and Stored procedure request.

3. Send synchrounous -- to receive the responses from stored procedure .

4. Switch with four branches based on the resposes received (Need to check on condition for GLM_ID)

1. Not Duplicate in db1 and login exist in db2 - update db1 and db2

2. Not duplicate indb1 and login not existing in db2 --create account in db1

3. duplicate indb1 and in login exist in db2 -- trigger email and update db1

4.duplicate indb1 and and login not in db2 - trigger email and and update db1

pleaase advise whether I can go with following bpm steps

and also can we maintain replication speed by always updating the db1 in the beginning and performing the rest of the steps afterwards?