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Former Member
Jun 29, 2009 at 05:40 PM

PublishBatch for Offline Distribution


I am trying to setup the BPC Distribution List / Wizard publishing capabilities. I have successfully created the distribution list to save the generated report to a local folder. Using the distribution wizard, BPC created a scheduled job on the machine which has been modified to run every 30 minutes. As long as I am logged in the machine, the process runs smoothly: PublishBatch.exe triggers Excel.exe to generate the report. However, when I log off the machine the Schedule Task fires sucessfully with my credentitials, but no reports are generated. When I log back into the machine after a few cycles, I bring up task manager and see multiple instances of publishbatch / Excel executables. All have roughly the same memory allocation, but are not utilizing any CPU cycles. Any thoughts?

Does the publishing process require a user to be logged on to the machine?

Are there any other Windows security privileges to give to my account in order to run when not logged on?

Are there any known issues with publishing in my BPC environment (BPC 5.1 and Excel 2007)?

Are there any known issues with Excel (macros, security settings...) when not logged on?

thanks in advance...