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Jun 29, 2009 at 05:18 PM

Receiver determination for Split Message - Bulk message handling



I have a scenario where MATMAS message is split to multiple receivers via multi mapping 1:n; the split is based on plant specific data, all works fine the mapping splits the message perfectly.

The problem I have is in configuring the receiver determiniation. I have put conditions based on plant specific data the message should be distributed to the appropriate receiver. At runtime the MATMAS message received is treated as a bulk message and it produces mutiple sub-documents however in my case if the MATMAS has 3 plant specific data the data is send to all the 3 receivers instead of sending just one message per plant to the appropriate receiver.

Its IDOC to File scenario on XI 3.0, SP20.

Receiver Determination:

/MATMAS05/IDOC/E1MARAM/E1MARCM/WERKS = 'xxxx' -> send to XXXX_receiver

/MATMAS05/IDOC/E1MARAM/E1MARCM/WERKS = 'yyyy' -> send to YYYY_receiver

Though the receiver determiniation splits the message by plant it could be that a material is maintained for both xxxx and yyyy plants and in this case both should receive the message but the contents would be different. The problem I have is both messages are delivered to both receivers.

I appreciate those who have taken the time to read the thread and thank you all in advance supporting with advices.

/ Saj