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Jun 29, 2009 at 02:23 PM

PGI Reverse - error VL09


Hi Gurus,

I am trying to reverse a PGI for free of charge delivery (Document Type KL). The movement type used in 916. When I attempt to cancel the PGI using VL09 T,Code the system shows the belowmessage. What could be the reason for this? What is the reverse movement type for 916 and what is its significance.

Document xxxxx does not contain any selectable items

Message no. M7064


The document or document item entered cannot be adopted.

Possible reasons for this are:

The document items have already been processed

(Suggest zero lines indicator set?).

the document items have been deleted or are blocked.

the document items have been created for a different plant.

(for reservations only) movements are not yet allowed for the reservation items.

(for reservations only) the document items are retrograde components of the order. These are posted using the order confirmations.

A confirmation must exist for the document items.

The document items must be released first.

The document is an R/2 document.


Make sure your entries are correct.

If the system has already processed the total quantity, you can set the Suggest zero lines indicator. The system will suggest the quantity zero for the items that have already been processed.

If you have entered a particular item, cancel the item. If you do not enter an item, the system searches all of the open items in the document.

If the document is a purchase order, production order or a reservation, you can enter search criteria in the dialog box.

You access the dialog box by choosing Enter with reference on the initial screen.

If the document is an SAP R/2 document, you have to cancel it manually by entering the reversal movement type.

Please help.

Thank You