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Aug 27, 2018 at 06:43 PM

Doubts to install Hana WEB IDE


We installed the XSA advanced runtime version 1.0.87.

Organization name: xxxx
Space Name: DEV
routing mode: ports application URLs are base on ports

We installed Runtime Tools (XSACHRT02_7-7000571), DI-CORE (XSACDEVXDI12_9-70001255) and WEB IDE (XSACSAPWEBIDE12_9-70001256) in SPACE DEV (we have 2 SPACE: DEV, Defined in XSA installation and SAP SPACE).

Is there any problem I have installed runtime tools, WeB IDE and DI-CORE in the DEV space and not in SPACE SAP?
Database Version: (1.0 SPS12). My Hana is Mult Tenant, so the tools have been installed on SYSTEMDB. How can I get the users created in Tenant to access the tools installed in SYSTEMDB?

During the post installation ( we encountered some problems:

1-xs app webide --urls: https: //hostname:51023 - error 401 forbiden
2- di-space-enablement-ui --urls https://hostname:51021 - error 401 forbiden
3-di-cert-admin-ui --url https: //hostname:51022 - error 401 forbiden
How could I solve these errors?

Roles and Permissions:
I have not found most of the roles reported in the guide Hana Web IDE 1.0 SPS12(above)

Assign the SAP Web IDE Role Templates to the Role Collections:
I do not have the XS Advanced Administration and Monitoring Tools installed. The guide does not inform me to install the tool. Do I need to install?

Best Regards