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Jun 29, 2009 at 01:32 PM

Unassigned Fields has to be assigned to the Work Centre


Hi Experts,

Pls find the below details

Query :

When looking at the data for plant ABCD, period 5, there were two process orders missing from work centre "XYZ", SKU A123 (process orders PO123 and PO321). These two process orders are actually shown under work centre "Not assigned".

We need to ensure that all process orders for sku A123 are being allocated to the "XYZ" work centre in future.

Analysis :

The data comes from 2LIS_03_BF infosource to the cube. The mapping for the workcenter is done using a ABAP routine.

The routine looks up the process order in the master data table for prodorder. The coorder is matched with prodorder and the corresponding values of material and prodvers are stored in temp variables. Then using the conditions as -

mat = material obtained from above

prodvers = prodvers obt from above

plant = ABCD

A record is searched with the above criterion in the look up ODS ZPP_IC2. This returns a single entry. The workcenter of this entry is the result and is assigned to that particular record before it enters the cube. So this is how the mapping is done with process order and workcenter. If the routuine fails to find a match in the table or no records are returned for the above conditions...then workcenter will not be assigned. This seems to be the case with the two process orders in question.

If we track the particular request that loaded these process orders in the lookup ODS ZPP_ODS2 on the same date, we can continue further in solution analysis. The ODS has the Full update request for 25.06.2009.

The cube 0IC_C03 is rolled up and gets compressed every day. This leaves us no chance of deleting based on the request number and doing a reload.

Can anyone help me, how to proceed further on this?


Santhosh Kumar N