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Aug 27, 2018 at 02:53 PM

Payment Terms on Unapplied Payments when there is a CREDIT BALANCE


Greetings Experts,

Earlier, I asked a question about Payment Terms on unapplied payments (see that question here). There were some very helpful, but I have gotten additional information from the user that changes the question somewhat.

Yes, F-32 can be used to apply partial payments to open invoices, and that does change the payment terms on the formerly unapplied payment, and removes it from the aging report.

What I have found out is, their real problem is with customers who have CREDIT balances. The payments that resulted in the Credit balance are aging, and of course there are no open invoices to apply those payments to, and so no way to clear them with F-32.

Does anyone know of a way to simply change the payment terms on an open payment?

Thank you all.

Steve Oswald