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Aug 27, 2018 at 01:06 PM

Equipment and Serial number Status update


Requirement : Equipment and its serial Numbers user status auto update as per the maintenance order.

User status defined in configuration :

CALB - Calibrated Good to use

UCAL - Under Maintenance

SCAL - Send for external Maintenance

SCRP - Scrap

Initial Status of Equipment and Serial numberis CALB.

When ever the maintenance order(Order type PM01) is created the user status of the equipment and serial number needs to be changed to under maintenance UCAL .Once the Order is closed the status has to be changed to CALB.

For external calibration (Order type PM05) the status of the equipment and serial number should be changed to SCAL.Once the order is closed the status should be CALB.

In case of internal calibration inspection lot will be created based on the usage decision the equipment and serial number status has to be updated Accepted - CALB Rejected SCRP.

Please provide the status profile that needs to be configured for serial number and equipment.And the user exists that will fulfill the requirement.

Logical Solution : Once the maintenance order (PM01,PM02,PM03) is created for the equipment the status should be changed to UCAL. Once the order is TECO the status should be changed to CALB.

If the order type is PM05 and the equipment is sent to vendor via subcontracting order then the status should be SCAL and once the order is TECO the status is CALB. And if there is a inspection lot the system should also consider the usage decision in the inspection lot.If UD is Accepted status should be CALB.If UD is Rejected status should be SCRB.

Also please check whether the above logic will work or not.