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Jun 29, 2009 at 11:42 AM

Variable screen taking too long to appear on Query.


Hi BW Gurus 😉

We are having an issue with a BI query where the variable screen takes too long to populate approx 20 seconds.

The query has the following characteristics in the global filters and the following restrictions:

1. 0MILESTONE = NOT EQUAL "Not Assigned #"

2. 0PROFIT_PROJECT_CTR = Hierachy Node Variable ON_PCTR (Project Profit Centre)

3. 0MILESTONE_0MLST_USE = Variable (Selection Options, Optional)

4. 0PROJECT_PLANT = Variable "OS_PLANT" (Selection Options, Optional)

5. 0NETWORK = Variable "OS_NTW" (Selection Options, Optional)

6. 0PROJECT = Variable "OS_PRJ" (Selection Options, Optional)

7. 0FISCVARNT = "K4"


1. Infoobject 0MILESTONE_0MLST_USE has BEX Browser setting:

Query Execution in Filter Value Selection (Values in Master Data Table)

(Users need to be able to select all Master Data values)

All others are "Only Posted Values for navigation"

I have tried looking at RSRT with statistics and the only relative difference is when I remove the 0MILESTONE NE "Not Assigned #" but this actuall increases the statistics time for event 3500?

All other changes/removals are minimal and we need all of the characteristics in the filter anyway.

Any ideas to improve the speed of which the pop up variable screen is displayed. We are on BI 7 SP 13.

Bex Analyzer SP 3 revision 949. I have looked at note 1017965 but we are already on SP13.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


Stevo 😉