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Setup Email Address on SAP

Hi gurus,

I´m newest in SAP world... so I want/need to setup an email box on solution manager system, a email address to send an "Automatic Emailing of Reports", for instance, to receive emails automatically to nominated email address from reports EarlyWatch Alert Report either for the entire solution or for individual systems.

I don´t have an email address... or I have a default email address (??) for my user and I don´t know... How can I setup a receive/send messages from Business Workplace (SBWP)... is from this workplace that I can send/receive emails?!

Best regards,

João Dimas - Portugal

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3 Answers

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    Jun 29, 2009 at 12:10 PM

    Hav u configured SCOT for sending mails...with it u cn send mail

    Pls go thru following....& also for configuring u need to goto SPRO in solman In cross specific setting u search for automatic email.....& thn u can configure scot .

    Set-Up SAPconnect


    E-mails sent from an SAP application are first sent to a queue. The queued e-mails are subsequently sent by a periodic background job.

    For automatic e-mailing:

    1. set up SAPconnect

    2. set up a periodic job for SAPconnect

    This IMG activity is a prerequisite for the following functions:

    Test Management

    System Monitoring

    Business Process Monitoring. SAPConnect processes all workflow messages which are sent because of an alert in Business Process monitoring .

    Downtime Management


    For use in Business Process Monitoring SAPConnect must be set-up:

    until ST-SER 700_2006_1, in client 000

    from ST-SER 700_2006_2 in production client

    See the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide in the Service Marketplace -> AP Components -> SAP Solution Manager, for details of setting up system users for end users.


    Set-up SAPConnect

    3. Logon to the Solution Manager systems, in the required client.

    4. Choose the transaction SAPconnect: Administration (SCOT).

    5. Choose View -> System Status.

    6. Choose Settings -> Default Domain.

    7. Specify your default domain and confirm. For example, "".

    8. In the Administration screen, double-click the SMTP node.

    9. Maintain general data:

    a) Set the Maximum waiting time for send repetition to one minute.

    b) Select the field Node in Use.

    10. Maintain SMTP connection data:

    a) Specify the mail host for SMTP. For example, "".

    b) Specify a mail port. The default port is 25.

    c) Choose a codepage, e.g. 1100 SAP-internally, like ISO 8859-1.

    11. Maintain supported address types:

    a) Choose "Set" (for "Internet").

    b) Enter an asterisk (*) for address area.

    12. Choose Continue.

    Schedule the periodic background job to send queued e-mails

    13. Call transaction SCOT.

    14. Choose View -> Jobs.

    The SAPconnect: Administration (Jobs) screen is displayed.

    15. Choose Job -> Create.

    A dialog box is displayed.

    16. Specify a job name.

    17. Confirm.

    18. In the next window, select the variant SAP&CONNECTALL.

    19. Choose Schedule Job.

    20. Choose Schedule Periodically.



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    • Hi Konstantin,

      In fact I already solve this problem... and he you´re right the problem it was the time zone.

      I aligned tha SAP Time Zones with Tx STZAC in all systems Development; Quality and Production.

      Anyway thank you for your attempt to help me.

      Best regards,

      João Dimas - Portugal

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    Former Member
    Jun 29, 2009 at 11:14 AM


    Check below link:

    Check SAP Note 957412 - Troubleshooting automatic email transmission in SAP Solution



    Edited by: Sunny Pahuja on Jun 29, 2009 1:28 PM

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  • Dec 15, 2009 at 11:25 PM

    This situation aren´t solve yet!

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