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Aug 26, 2018 at 06:54 PM

Fox message not visible in Analysis for Office


Hi BPC Embedded / IP Gurus,

For some reason, error messages created in Fox planning sequences/functions, do not pop up in AFO.

While in RSPLAN they do show.

I've already tried to implement this note:

However "SAPListOfMessages("ERROR";FALSE)" yields preciecely the same results. Only the technical OK result value is shown of the planning sequence/function.

My Fox messages looks like this:

My VBA coding:

Might you know what the issue is?

Many thanks,

*** Version ***
Analysis for Office 2.6.2
SAP_BW 740 0019
CPMBPC 810 0014
SEM-BW 747 0016
HANABPC 810 0013


k8bls.png (4.7 kB)
afbln.png (25.3 kB)