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Jun 29, 2009 at 09:01 AM

Profit Sharing on STO PO



My user requested to have Profit Sharing on Stock Transfer Order (STO). The business proposal as follow;-

1. Plant A requested item ABC from plant B using STO PO.

2. After getting the order from Plant A, Plant B have to create normal PO and place the order to vendor.

3. After vendor gets the order, there will deliver item ABC to plant B. Then plant B will perform GR for item ABC.

4. Plant B will perform GI for Item ABC and Plant A will doing GR to accept the item.

Cost for item ABC is $50. There requested to have profit sharing 50/50 which Plant A getting profit for item ABC is $5 and Plant B getting profit for item ABC is $5. The problem is, we cannot perform this process using STO to get the profit sharing. Then my users request to put extra charge on ITEM ABC when Plant A performs GR. Is it possible to put extra charge on STO condition that will reflect MAP for plant A?