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Jun 29, 2009 at 08:25 AM

Setting Lead Selection in Webdynpro Tree.


Hi ABAP Friends,

i'm building a tree with the tree component of WD4A. It is a recursive Tree loaded from DB. The application has on the left side a Tree and on the right side there is the possibility to edit the selected Node of the Tree. Things like change the name and so on.

When i change a node, i reload the tree part which has changed. But now I have a problem. The incorrect Node on the Tree is marked by lead selection. And cause i have a context node bound to the controller wich holds the selected node data, the data is inconsitent. So the values on the left side don't match to the selected node on the right side.

When i want to set the lead selection to the correct element in the tree, which I can get before I reload the Tree and setting the lead selection after loading the tree. It doesn't work and i get a dump, that the element is not bound to a node. That seems to be correct, cause i reloaded the tree.

Is there any possiblity to set the lead selection in the tree correct?

Thanks for any hints.