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Jun 29, 2009 at 02:41 AM

Call Oracle Packages



How to call out the Oracle Packages and based on the store procedures the report will automatically capture the data from report body and generate a code. But unfortunatly, we are unable to call the Oracle Packages from the Oracle Database.

Is it possible to generate some command in Crystal Report and inside all these command the user will have several parameter that need to be feed in data to generate the a specific code.

Since the data is come from report body, which means that the parameter will be is dynamic and will keep changing. At this moment we able to set the paramater to static and everytime when user refresh the report the data will not change,if need to change the data will need user to key in. Is there any way that the parameter will direct capture the data from report body and feed into the parameter? In this way everytime user refresh the report will change accordingly and user will no need to key in by themself.

Oracle Database Version : Oracle 10g

Crystal Report: Crystal Report 2008

Kindly suggest.