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Jun 28, 2009 at 10:24 PM

Missing text in SAP script


Hi Experts,

i have interesting problem when printing form.

I' am using the form in which print the name and address of the purchaser. Form is sapscript form.

When a combination of data, the text appears.

For example if wa_ka-riad_1 = 'GYMNAZIUM', text not printed.

If value constrain any number or character, text is printed text 'GYMNAZIUM -'.

It's actually impossible.

The lines of this text are in the structure, which has 4 attributes for each line, named wa_ka. All are type CHAR50. I trying change to text50, bud no effect

A printed text is defined:

A1 & wa_ka-riad_1 &

A1 & wa_ka-riad_2 &

A1 & wa_ka-riad_3 &

A1 & wa_ka-riad_4 &

A1 is paragraph format:

Line Spacing 1,00 LN

Alignment LEFT

Blank Lines

Font Size 10,0 pt

Tab position 75,00 MM Alignment RIGHT

Numbering Type CHAR

Number margin 0,00 CM

Output length 00