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Jun 28, 2009 at 02:37 PM

Problem while writing on to the file? Output differs from Server to Server?


Hi All,

Scenario is like this:

1. I am running a parent job which in turn creates child jobs.

2. Each child job would create file with some data.

3. Finally once all the child jobs are finished, parent job will pick up the files created by the child jobs and merges into one

final file.

Problem that I am facing:

1. In my test server, the above scenario works perfectly fine.

2. But, in my development server, few of the child jobs are unable to create the files.

3. Few of them are able to create the files but unable to write the records completely on to the file.

Did anyone of you face this problem? What could be the problem behind this?

This looks really crazy for me. Any pointers on this would be highly appreciated.


Babu Kilari