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Jun 27, 2009 at 08:45 PM

Fail to schedule FullClient report (PDF, Inbox) from Java


This is occurring in XI Reports 3.1

I'm trying to schedule a Deski (FullClient) report through the Java API.

The report has a PDF format and Inbox destination...

It also has a prompt with a default value.

When I schedule the report through InfoView it does so succesfully.

When I try to perform the same action through the Java API... the scheduling does not work.

Here's a snippet of code I'm using:


loInfoObjects = moInfoStore.query("SELECT * FROM CI_INFOOBJECTS WHERE SI_NAME = '" + lsRptNm + "'");

loFullClientPubl = (IFullClient)loInfoObjects.get(0);"SI_KIND", CeKind.PDF);

loFullClientPubl.getProcessingInfo().properties().setProperty("SI_KIND", CeKind.PDF);


if (loFullClientPubl.hasPrompts())


IFullClientPrompts loPrompts = loFullClientPubl.getPrompts();

IFullClientPrompt loPrompt = (IFullClientPrompt)loPrompts.get(0);

loPrompt.getValues().set(0, "123456");

loFullClientPubl.getPrompts().set(0, loPrompt);


else //This is the scenario that executes....



loFullClientPubl.getProcessingInfo().properties().setProperty("SI_HAS_PROMPTS", true);


loFullClientPubl.schedule(); //Schedule the report


After I execute the code, I can see that an entry has been created in CI_INFOOBJECTS but no record of the scheduling shows up in infoView, not even as a "failed" report. It's as if the report had never been scheduled.


Unlike the manual scheduling, the SI_KIND, and SI_HAS_PROMPTS properties for the failed scheduling are not set to "PDF" and "true" as expected, but remain as "FullClient" and "false"

This is the reason why I set the properties programmatically prior to scheduling the report. While this did change the values in CI_INFOOBJECTS, it still did not fix the problem of scheduling, that is no reports show up in infoView.

Have any of you guys come across this? I'm stumped...

Thank you