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Design Studio: Is it possible to show another measure in Infochart tooltip than reffered measure?

Nov 15, 2016 at 12:21 PM


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I have a challenge which I think isn't possible but... why don't give it a try...

I have an InfoChart which shows cumulative values of project results. The data looks like this:

project	result	cumulative
a	10	10
b	8	18
c	8	26
d	6	32
e	5	37
f	4	41
g	4	45
h	2	47

So in my InfoChart it shows a line with values of column cumulative. Now the user wants to show the actual result of a project in the tooltip. So when hovering the mouse on a data point for lets say project F, in this example the tooltip shows 41. But is it possible with some code to show the non-cumulative value 4 instead? The column is available in the query but hidden via data selection.

Hope someone knows how to achieve this.



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2 Answers

Tammy Powlas
Nov 15, 2016 at 12:54 PM

Out of the box, I can't see how; perhaps others have ideas

You could also look at extensions such as or

But one thing I remember from attending conferences - tool tips won't show up on a mobile device, so that is something for your end user to consider.

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Former Member Nov 15, 2016 at 01:49 PM

Hi Daan,

You can achieve it using two charts placed one over other.

place a chart2 with measure 2 over your chart1 having measure 1. Then hide the columns in chart on top using the css

.bar g.v-datapoint

{ fill: white;

opacity: 0.01; }

Then the chart below will show data of measure1 but tooltip will show measure 2.

I used this work around for a requirement similar to yours.

let me know if you need any clarification in it.



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Thanks, I will try this as soon as possible!

But if I think about it, the chart I need to show is a cumulative line with data points (they call it an "elephant chart" because it first raises the values because positive results of projects and then it flattens because projects with zero result en then it descends because of negative project results (it will form the shape of an elephant...).

But if I make a chart2 which is overlaying the elephant chart but with the absolute non-cumulative measure, the line is never equal to the elephant and has different axis scaling and it will always descend because the data is sorted descending. So how can it display the tooltip on a datapoint in the elephant with the overlaying line info?

See image below (ignore the paint, but it's to indicate why they call it an elephant)

elephant-sap.jpg (101.6 kB)
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Former Member

Hi Daan,

You can have any chart at below but the chart with measure that needs to be shown in tooltip have to be on top of it and the bars height have to be equal to complete height chart below(You can make use of scaling property to achieve it).

So the top tip will be shown on hovering anywhere on the position of the member.

In your case for member a in chart you will get tool tip on hovering anywhere on it.

So there will not be any issues in showing tooltip in chart.