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Jun 26, 2009 at 02:56 PM

Change of Molga for a Personnel Area



i am looking at the possible implications of the change made for a scenario which is as follows. I have a Company Code 1000 and personnel area IN01, while assigning the personnel area to the Company code i have assigned the Molga as 99, hired people using this setting and everything is fine. Now i am looking at a scenario where i am asked to use say BM (Bermuda) as the Molga. I am testing out this in sandbox, i had copied an exisisting/valid personnel area say IN01(with Molga as 99) to IN04 while doing the assignment of Personnel area to Company code i used BM as Molga for IN04 while doing so i get a message that the company code xxx is having a different Molga (which is due to the fact that i copied IN01 to IN04), when i select yes the molga for personnel area IN01 is also updated to BM.

My question is what are the implications of this on the exisiting master data. Appreciate and welcome all thoughts on this.

Appreciate and ready to provide points for valuable/ useable suggestions.