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Jun 26, 2009 at 11:13 AM

GR for purchase order with Account assignment E


Hello All

I am having a scenario where in the BOM structure is as under: A ->B ->C--->D, D is the raw material, C is the component produced in-house, B is the material which we procure through subcontracting, in the material master of C SPK:30 is used for subcontracting, & A is in-house produced material with purely MTO scenario (20 - strategy).

Once the sales order of A is there we run MRP for it, as per the master data settings described above we get purchase requisition for D & when I convert it to purchase order it is having account assignment as E.

This is all well but the moment I try to save it, system throws an error stating: 'G/L account 20500100 cannot be used (please correct)". This G/L account is of raw material itself.

Can you please guide me to overcome this problem.

I am looking forward to listen from you soon.


J K Tharwani