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Jun 26, 2009 at 10:12 AM

Price conversion base on billing frequency and price frequency


We have a business scenario - an unlimited subscription billed annually, price condition record set monthly, i.e. for subscription for product for one month cost £100, and bill annually. We need to have automatic price conversion to achieve subscription price of : 12 x £100 = £1200.

We set up a yearly billing frequency, and monthly price frequency, added this matching entry in IMG-> maintain billing procedures for subscriptions. Our pricing structure (key combination) is: publication/edition/price frequency, £100 for price frequency "monthly". Then we created a subscription with yearly billing frequency, and expect the price to be 12 X £100 = £1200. However, we could not see this conversion work. The order just simply retrieve £100 price based on the coniditon record with access to publication/edition/price frequency (value "monthly" is retrieved in access sequence to find condition record).

Based on SAP help document, this functionality should be standard (attached), but it is not working.

Pleaes advice how to make this happen? Anything i set up in config or price condition record that is wrong? Many thanks.


SAP help doucmentation:

The price frequency is used to record subscription prices in the master data for conditions. The price freqnecy for which a price is maintained can differ from the billing frequency of the subscription. An automatic conversion takes place during pricing.