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Aug 24, 2018 at 11:54 AM

The EWAS reports do not reach my email.


Good afternoon I have a problem in a 7.1 solution manager and I do not get the Earlywatch reports in HTML format but I would like them to arrive in Word format but in the system that is running, the word has not been enabled. I have seen that the systems are defined in System Monitoring -> Setup -> EarlyWatch Alert and Services Configuration and I have created the email where they should be sent in System Monitoring -> Configure Automatic Reports Mailing. But first check that in the TX_SU01 you have the email in the description of the corresponding section and in the TX_SCOT. I have also added the email in the program RDSMOP_REPORTS_BY_EMAIL through the TX_SE38.
How can I force to get the EWAS to my mail and if it is possible to send them in Word format as long as it is not enabled in the machine where the solman is executed?