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Jun 26, 2009 at 09:02 AM

LOOKUP and retreiving values


I need to retreive some data from an other application with a logic.

Pour une logique je vais avoir besoin de rechercher des données dans

une autre application. J'air echerché des trucs sur SDN et sur la Doc

mais les exemples ne sont pas tres clairs. Voila mon problème :

Here is the example :

  • The logic is called in the application COGS

  • The data to retreive are in application SALES

  • SALES has one dimension more than COGS : it's CHANNEL. I need to retreive data only from CHANNEL="D12V_COMMON".

  • I need to retrive data only from the dimension Time = 2020.JAN

Here is my Code





*IS <> 0


*IS 2020.JAN





The logic doesn't trough any error but it doesn't retrieve any data either.

Can you the errors ?

Do you have some full example of logic that retreive data from one application ?

Do you have some link for documentation? I found only example of Rate but i can fit them to my issue.

Best regards