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Jun 26, 2009 at 07:50 AM

Inter company returns


Hello all

This is about intercompamy returns

4014 plant assined to CC 4014 returns stocks plant 1801 assined to CC 1801

The configuration is maintained properly

When the PGR is made for return delivery from plant 1801 there is no error message from the system as there is no Goods issue (MIGO) has not happened in plant 4014 (in my quality server)

Logically if you look at it when the issueing plant 4014 issues the stocks only ,then only the receiving plant 1801 can take back the stocks

The same scenario ,system was throwing error when i try to PGR in plant 1801 as there was no MIGO happened in 4014 which was perfectly correct (in sand box)

It allows me to do PGR in 1801 only when i do or comlete MIGO in 4014 (perfectly right)

Can anybody point out what is missing in my quality client settings which was there in sand box

Waiting for your valuable inputs



Note Even without MIGO in 4014 the stock updation is happening in both the plants 1801 and 4014 that is after PGR the stock is increased in 1801 and reduced in 4014

What setting should i need to do to ensure Goods issue is posted in 4014 before making a receipt in 1801

Any suggestions on this

Edited by: ramanathan raja on Jun 28, 2009 6:16 PM